Anti-gay marriage protesters on Monday lined-up outside a San Francisco courtroom during a hearing on Proposition 8, California's gay marriage ban.

The demonstrators held up signs condemning gay marriage as lawyers inside argued the merits of their case.

The signs read “Those who hate real marriage should not have the right to pollute it,” “Homo sex is a threat to national security” and “Homo sex is sin.”

The chairman of the California chapter of the Constitution Party, Don Grundmann, held a sign that read “One nation under God, Not the 9th Circuit.” The party's platform includes a pledge to “Defend America's moral values.”

A man dressed as Moses held a copy of the Ten Commandments in one hand and a sign that read “Stop Judicial Tyranny” in the other.

A truck which read “Supreme Justice 9th Circuit Court … The Lord Has A Charge To Bring Against You … Sodomite Perversion” on one side and sported fliers from the 2008 Yes on 8 campaign on the another circled the block.

Inside the courtroom, the three-judge panel hinted that they will support a narrow ruling against the gay marriage ban.