The prospects of gay marriage becoming law in New York dimmed considerably with a GOP takeover of the state Senate.

On Monday, Republican Bob Cohen conceded to Democratic Senator Suzi Oppenheimer, who'll represent the people of New York's 37th Senate District. But Republicans also gained a seat over the weekend after a State Supreme Court justice rejected a request by incumbent Senator Craig M. Johnson for a hand recount, resulting in the victory of Jack Martins. Johnson, however, has said he'll appeal the decision and has secured a Tuesday hearing.

Democrats gained a 32-30 majority two years ago, but now Republicans will control the chamber – even if Johnson prevails.

The chamber killed a gay marriage bill last year after the Assembly approved the measure and Governor David Paterson promised to sign the bill into law. Eight Democrats joined all 30 Republicans in voting against the measure.

Pointing to comments from the Senate's presumptive senate majority leader, Dean Skelos, that he's open to putting the bill up for a vote and the November 2 win of Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo, a gay marriage supporter, backers remain optimistic that New York will become the next state to legalize the union.