Canadian crooner Michael Buble says he grew up in a gay-supportive community, but that it was just a bubble.

The Grammy-winning singer said his parents never hid the fact he had gay uncles and instilled in him early on that being gay was okay.

“My uncle Mike has been with my uncle Frank, they've been a couple for 35 years,” the 35-year-old Buble told gay website Matthew's Place.

“And so I grew up never seeing a difference between gay and straight people. Also, I grew up in Vancouver, that has one of the biggest gay communities. So of course, growing up in music and theater all my friends or most of my friends were gay or bi.”

“The thing is … I lived in this bubble, where because I came from this city that was completely tolerant and understanding, I thought that's just how it was.”

Buble added that ending bullying against gay teens was the responsibility of straight and gay people.

“I think it's gotta start in the home. It's gotta start with parents talking to their kids and explaining to them that it's OK, and that they can stand up for their friends, and that there's nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“Kids don't grow up with hate. They don't know hate. They're taught hate and we just need to educate them,” he added.