Gay GOP group GOProud has come to the defense of Willow Palin for calling a boy “faggot” on Facebook.

The 16-year-old daughter of tea party favorite and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin attacked the former classmate, named Tre, on Sunday.

Sarah Palin's Alaska, is failing so hard right now,” Tre wrote on Facebook during the premiere of the reality series.

Which prompted Willow to respond “Haha your so gay” and “Your such a faggot.”

In a statement posted on its website, the gay group trivialized the incident.

“Willow Palin is a 16 year old girl, like all 16 year olds is going to make mistakes and say things she shouldn't have. … The 'slur' used here is one you could hear on the streets of West Hollywood or Chelsea every day of the week.”

And alleged that criticism aimed at Willow was essentially an attack on Sarah.

“Apparently, it's only a 'homophobic slur' when it comes from the daughter of a conservative female leader. Make no mistake; this is all about destroying Sarah Palin by any means necessary.”

“The angry misogynistic left and their accomplices in the main stream media have been unable to take down Governor Palin – no matter how hard they have tried. Unable to take her down directly they now have decided to try to hurt her by attacking the most important thing in her life – her family.”

While the politician turned conservative celebrity has previously criticized the use of racist and anti-disability comments, she has yet to speak out on her daughter's homophobic remarks.