High school officials in Colorado have agreed to lift their ban on a student wearing a pro-gay marriage t-shirt.

Kate Cohn, a senior at Falcon High School, was told she could no longer wear a “Marriage is so gay” t-shirt because it violated the school's dress code banning apparel that is potentially disruptive to the academic environment.

The 17-year-old wore the shirt to school on Election Day, November 2.

Principal Mark Carara likened the t-shirt to an endorsement of drug or alcohol use in explaining his ban to Cohn's parents. District administrators publicly supported Carara's decision to ban the t-shirt. Other students protested the action, wearing sticky notes that read “I support Kate Cohn” and 81 students signed onto an online protest petition.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Colorado backed Cohn in her fight to wear to the t-shirt.

“To comply with the law, you must ensure that Falcon High School permits students to quietly and peaceably express their support for the respect, equal treatment and acceptance of LGBT people. Every day that passes during which Falcon High School forbids Kate to speak on this issue of great political import that rests close to her heart, Kate suffers irreparable injury,” the group wrote in a letter on Monday to Superintendent Dr. Bradley Schoeppey.

In an update on the group's website on Wednesday, the group said that school officials had eased up on the teen.

“Less than 24 hours after we sent the letter, Kate called to tell us school officials have told her she can wear her shirt!”