The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) has officially altered its position on celibate gay members but isn't budging on transgender folks.

In its latest iteration of the Church Handbook of Instructions, the Utah-based church strikes out language that rejected celibate gay members, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

The 2006 edition of the handbook called upon gay members to repent their “homosexual thoughts or feelings.” The new edition says celibate gay Mormons should be allowed to participate fully in the church and to have “callings,” or church assignments.

Also dropped is the previous statement that gay unions “distort loving relationships.” And the handbook no longer suggests that gay members “may need professional counseling … in harmony with gospel principles.”

But the church's policy on transgender people is not expected to change. The Mormon Church currently forbids anyone who has altered their sex from having callings or holding a leadership position in the church.

“Is this good? Yes,” wrote blogger and activist Eric Ethington. “Is it good enough? Not even close. I give them credit for improving, but they are still decades behind and the pressure will not be let up until they recognize the value of all human life, no matter what sexual orientation, gender, race or gender identity.”

In October, Ethington spearheaded a protest against LDS leader Boyd K. Packer for railing against gay marriage and rejecting the notion that being gay is inborn.