Singer Ricky Martin, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and figure skater Johnny Weir top gay glossy Out's annual list of most compelling gay people of the year.

The magazine's 100 Most Compelling People of 2010 cover also includes actress Julianne Moore and talk show host Nate Berkus.

The glossy crowned Martin Entertainer of the Year, Weir Diva of the Year, Maddow Newsmaker of the Year, Moore Artist of the Year and Berkus its Stylemaker of the Year.

In his memoir titled Me! and in recent interviews, Martin talks about his March decision to come out gay, raising his two sons, Valentino and Matteo, and his desire to legally marry the man he loves. Martin is also expected to release a new studio album shortly.

In her profile, Maddow, the host of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show, says she's frustrated with Democrats who pander to the gay community.

“We continue to have a sort of lackadaisical gay political movement that has a relationship with Democrat politicians that doesn't serve gay rights: 'We want to be close to you.' Beautiful! But if we're not getting anything for that, then it's actually counterproductive,” she said.

Three-time U.S. National Figure Skating champion Johnny Weir continues to evade answering questions about his sexuality, opting instead for lofty pronouncements on the subject. “I don't believe in masculinity and femininity, I don't believe in a purely gay person or a purely straight person,” he told Out in June.

But Weir has previously suggested that he'll address the rumors in his upcoming book Welcome to My World, which is set for a January 11 release.

Julianne Moore has urged New Yorkers to join a campaign to legalize gay marriage and stars opposite Annette Bening in the lesbian-themed movie The Kids Are All Right, which will be released on DVD next Tuesday.

And Nate Berkus became the first openly gay man to host a daytime talk show with the September premiere of the Nate Berkus Show.