Chris Colfer says Tuesday's episode of the Fox musical-comedy Glee could be leading up to a gay kiss, or not.

The 20-year-old actor who plays gay McKinley High student Kurt Hummel on the show will be joined Tuesday by another gay student, Blaine, from a rival glee club named the Dalton Academy Warblers. Blaine is played by Darren Criss, who appeared in last year's short-lived ABC drama Eastwick.

Colfer offered a definite maybe on the question of whether Kurt and Blaine will share a kiss on the episode, which is suggestively titled Never Been Kissed.

“Maybe,” Colfer told TV Guide.

He also told the all-things-tv weekly that there is both excitement and secrecy surrounding the episode.

“It's so big that we had a full meeting about it that we can't say anything,” he said. “That's never happened before. I will say it's about Kurt.”

The title, Colfer adds, “leads you to believe [that the pair will kiss] … but maybe something else happens that's even bigger. Don't let the title lead you the wrong way. The title of the episode has nothing to do with Kurt.”

Over the weekend, Jane Lynch, who plays the role of sharp-tongued coach Sue Sylvester, praised the show's gay-inclusiveness.

A preview clip of Criss performing Teenage Dream from the upcoming episode is embedded in the right panel of this page.