Huey Lewis says former MTV VJ Dave Holmes' teenage gay crush on him is “sweet.”

Holmes made the revelation in an It Gets Better video to help troubled gay teens considering suicide.

In the video, Holmes talks about discovering his sexuality in his teenage years.

“In my teenage years, when puberty happened and sexual feelings started to pop up, I had them. And I had them about men. I had them about Huey Lewis. The first few seconds of that I Want A New Drug video still get me to this day,” he says over a video clip of the Huey Lewis And The News single, which features Lewis in bed nude except for a strategically placed sheet. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Lewis, who recently released a new studio album titled Soulsville, a tribute album to the '60s soul songs of the Memphis-based Stax record label, said he was “flattered” by the admission.

“That's cute. I'm flattered! That's sweet,” the 60-year-old Lewis told Entertainment Weekly's Dave Karger after he played Holmes' video for him.