Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell was placed on paid administrative on Friday until completion of his disciplinary hearing, the Detroit News reported.

Shirvell, 30, returned to work Friday to face accusations that he tormented twenty-one-year-old Chris Armstrong, the openly gay president of the Michigan Student Assembly at the University of Michigan.

The closed-door hearing began at 9AM and lasted four hours. Human resources staffers conducted the session, which was attended by Shirvell's lawyer, Phillip J. Thomas.

“We didn't finish,” Thomas told the paper.

Shirvell was placed on administrative paid leave because the hearing was extended, said John Sellek, spokesman for Attorney General Mike Cox.

“He will not be back in the office until Tuesday afternoon for the continuance of the hearing,” Sellek said.

Shirvell attacked Armstrong on the Internet, at his home and at university events. At his now private blog Chris Armstrong Watch, the official accused the student of preying on impressionable freshman, of being “Satan's representative on the student assembly,” and labeled Armstrong a Nazi, a racist, a liar and an elitist.

The case attracted nationwide attention when Shirvell appeared on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 defending his right to campaign against Armstrong's “radical homosexual agenda.”

The appearance led to a loud outcry against Shirvell, who decided to take a month-long leave from the attorney general's office. Cox at first defended Shirvell's actions as free speech, but later reversed himself. Cox, who did not attend Friday's session, will decide Shirvell's fate based on recommendations by staffers who conducted the hearing.

Last week, Armstrong filed a complaint with the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission, which claims the attorney violated the profession's code of conduct. The complaint asks for an investigation, discipline and possible disbarment.