The mother who penned the blog post My Son Is Gay says the attention has been “surreal.”

The mother, who asked to be identified as Sarah, spoke to ABC News about the controversy her post has stirred.

In her post, which has attracted more than 25,000 comments since being published 2 days before Halloween, Sarah takes on other parents who mocked her five-year-old son's decision to dress up as Daphne from the cartoon Scooby-Doo.

She said she had a “moral responsibility to back up my words,” then added, “This little post about this sweet, kind, handsome boy strikes a chord with everybody.”

Chiding parents who questioned whether dressing a five-year-old boy as a girl for Halloween would turn him gay, Sarah wrote that it wouldn't matter to her if it did. “I will love him no less,” she said.

At the child's school, one mother “made faces” and asked, “Did he ask to be that?!” while another “just stood there in shock and dismay.” Sarah wrote it was “heartbreaking.”

She said her son “knows that I wrote about it and he knows that there are millions of people that think he's a little rock star.”