New and upcoming DVD releases include fruit flies, hustlers and bears. Oh my!

Bears are hunting for new breeding grounds in Director Doug Langway's BearCity, to be released on November 16.

In reviewing the film, On Top Magazine called BearCity “a sweet and comic romp that is sure to delight furry and hairless alike.”

In the film, svelte and hairless Tyler (played by Joe Conti) escapes his twink-filled world to delve deep into New York's bear scene where he meets the man he's been dreaming of in playbear Roger, played by Gerald McCullouch (CSI: New York). Tyler plots to win over Roger during the three-day party called BearCity.

Out on November 9 is a special DVD collection starring Chad Allen as gay sleuth Donald Strachey.

The Donald Strachey Four Pack includes On the Other Hand Death, Shock to the System, Third Man Out and the newest Strachey movie, Ice Blues.

“An important component of each Donald Strachey mystery seems to be the social and political aspects of gay life,” On Top Magazine wrote in reviewing On The Other Hand Death. “Previous installments dealt with so called 'gay reparative therapy' (a.k.a. the 'ex-gay movement') and the outing of celebrities or political figures.”

Out now on DVD is director-producer-writer H.P. Mendoza's musical Fruit Fly.

In reviewing the tale about Bethesda's search for a home, On Top Magazine wrote: “There are nice moments and bits of cleverness here and there, both in the music lyrics and in the 'straight' portions of the film.”

In Director Marco Berger's romantic flick Plan B, a man's plan to win back his ex-girlfriend by enticing her new boyfriend backfires.

“The seduction increases slowly – Bruno invents progressively fishy ploys to get close to his rival – building up to a sweet, but definitely unexpected, ending,” we wrote in reviewing the film out on DVD now.

Out on DVD November 9 is Director Marco Filiberti's David's Birthday (Il Compleanno), in which a man is tempted by his best friend's son during a summer vacation on the Italian Riviera.

“The film's dramatic final sequence, which combines a magnificent operatic score with stunning photography, and stellar performances all the way around, destine David's Birthday to become a gay classic,” On Top Magazine wrote in reviewing he film.

Finally, Strapped is a satisfying story about a gay hustler, a labyrinthine apartment building and a journey of self-examination and discovery.

Director Joseph Graham's debut feature is available on DVD December 7.