The third season of the HBO drama In Treatment returns this week with a new gay teen storyline.

Dane DeHaan will play the role of Jesse, described as a “gay and proud of it” teenage hipster.

Greg Hernandez writes about the addition of DeHaan at his blog,

“Jesse is described as being full of creativity and angst and he is struggling with his identity and his relationship with his adoptive parents,” writes Hernandez.

The drama features Gabriel Byrne as psychotherapist Dr. Paul Weston.

“Paul works to instill a sense of belonging and self-worth in Jesse but when Jesse's birth parents re-introduce themselves into his life, all of Paul's work is threatened,” Hernandez adds.

In Treatment airs five shows a week, each dedicated to a specific client. Episodes featuring Jesse will be aired on Tuesdays, beginning with tonight's show.

DeHaan starred in the made-for-television movies At Risk and The Front.

Also joining the cast in the show's third season is three-time Oscar nominee and Cleveland native Debra Winger.