The stratospheric success of ABC's sophomore comedy Modern Family is hinting at a spinoff for its gay couple.

In speaking about the show's success with Variety, Fred Silverman, producer and former ABC, CBS and NBC programming head, compared Modern Family's DNA to that of NBC's The Cosby Show, which transformed the network into a comedy powerhouse.

“If it's a Cosby Show or an All in the Family, it can make a very big difference,” he said. “It creates an adjacency to a time period where you can develop other comedies, if it's the right kind of a show.”

The show is already providing valuable support for other Wednesday night properties, including Cougar Town and The Middle.

Silverman also suggested that the network would benefit from a Modern Family spinoff starring its popular gay couple, Mitchell, played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Cameron, played by Eric Stonestreet.

“It's a big enough cast,” he said. “They probably could take the gay couple and move 'em into an adjacent time period and have crossovers and basically have an hour show. I'm sure they've thought of it.”