Gay porn star Shane Michael Thompson, who goes by the name of Jason Creed, is accused of killing his dog, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Thompson was arrested on Wednesday and charged with animal cruelty. Officials with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office allege that Thompson killed his three-legged dog, Moonshine.

The twenty-year-old Thompson appears on the gay porn site Circle Jerk Boys under the name Jason Creed.

According to an arrest affidavit, Thompson took the remains of the dog to a clinic for cremation, claiming that the dog had died that morning, possibly due to a seizure. Veterinarians at the clinic, however, said they found evidence that the dog had most likely died from asphyxiation.

An autopsy revealed the dog had suffered severe blunt force trauma prior to its death.

Thompson and his roommate bought Moonshine when it was a puppy in February 2010. Animal control investigators had previously looked into complains that the puppy was being harmed, but dropped their inquiry because the dog appeared unhurt.

Prosecutors have asked that Thompson, who refused to appear in court on Friday, be held in lieu of $250,000 bail.