During a performance in Sydney, rocker Adam Lambert made out with a lucky male audience member.

The American Idol season 8 runner-up is currently touring his Glam Nation show in Australia.

Stepping off the stage and into the audience, Lambert tells the screaming crowd “I'm going to get mine” as he motions to a young, shirtless man. The pair share a brief 5-second kiss before Lambert returns to the stage. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Lambert agreed to edit out any kissing while performing in Malaysia, where sexual relationships between members of the same sex are outlawed. He said he was altering his concert out of “respect” for Malaysian culture.

The 28-year-old rock star recently said he would consider joining the ranks of celebrity gay dads Ricky Martin, Neil Patrick Harris and Clay Aiken.

On Monday, Lambert reached out to troubled gay teens considering suicide, recording a 90-second, black-and-white clip for the It Gets Better campaign. “It gets better,” Lambert tells the teens, then adds, “but it's up to you.”

The flamboyant rocker next heads to Hawaii, then Europe.