Maggie Gallagher has rejected claims that anti-gay marriage rhetoric is in part responsible for the deaths of gay teens bullied to death.

Gallagher, the board chair of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the country's most vociferous opponent of gay marriage, denies her group has the blood of gay teens on its hands.

“Forced sex, childhood sexual abuse, dating violence, early unwed pregnancy, substance abuse – could these be a more important factor in the increased suicide risk of LGBT high schoolers than anything people like me ever said?” she rhetorically asks in an op-ed published Wednesday in the New York Post.

In the wake of a spate of incidents where gay teens were bullied to death, activists argued that anti-gay rhetoric – including that of anti-gay marriage group's like NOM – was partially responsible for fostering a homophobic environment.

“National Organization for Marriage Chairman Maggie Gallagher is among those who, with reckless disregard, attacks LGBT youth, arguing that 'any organization or institutional practice that encourages kids to adopt the homosexual label at an early age is not being kind, healthy or compassionate to children;'” Evan Wolfson, executive director of Freedom to Marry, said on his group's blog.

“Despite Gallagher's claims that organizations like hers are concerned about children, NOM does nothing with its millions of dollars other than attack the freedom to marry and demonize gay relationships, and Gallagher herself wasted little time defending those who pushed [Rutgers student] Tyler [Clementi] to the brink, saying that 'nothing in the press accounts suggest the kids who did this were motivated by homophobia.'”

Gallagher responded directly to Wolfson's claims: “Apparently, either we all agree that gay marriage is good or gay children will die.”