U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips is expected on Monday to rule on a government request to stay her injunction ordering the military to stop enforcing “Don't Ask, Don't Tell,” the 1993 law that bans gay and bisexual service members from serving openly.

The Associated Press is reporting that Phillips has said she's inclined to deny the request and will issue her ruling by the end of the day Monday. The Obama administration requested the stay while it prepares an appeal of the order.

Phillips declared the law unconstitutional last month and ordered a halt to its enforcement last week.

The Pentagon has agreed to abide by the ruling, but warned gay troops that altering their personal conduct could have “adverse consequences” for themselves and others should the order be reversed.

The Clinton-era law prescribes discharge for gay and bisexual service members who do not remain celibate or closeted. The law is responsible for ending the military careers of over 13,000 gay service members.

President Barrack Obama supports ending the policy, but said last week that he wants Congress to repeal the law.