Mike Gianaris, the New York state assemblyman running for the Senate, has pledged his support for a gay marriage bill when he arrives in Albany.

Gianaris, who is running unopposed, will be replacing retiring state Senator George Onorato, who voted against a gay marriage bill last year.

In a video released Monday by the Empire State Pride Agenda, New York's largest gay rights advocate, Jose Peralta, a pro-gay marriage senator from Queens, introduces Gianaris, who reiterates his support for gay marriage.

“I'm proud of the votes I've taken for marriage equality in the Assembly, and I'm ready to do it again in the state Senate,” Gianaris says.

“I want to thank LGBT New Yorkers for their long-time support and let you know you've another strong ally heading to the state senate.

“It's now 2 votes down, 6 more votes to go to make marriage equality a reality in New York,” Gianaris adds, referring to Senator Peralta, who replaced anti-gay marriage Hiram Monserrate in a special election last March. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Over the past year, gay marriage advocates have campaigned to oust senators who voted against the gay marriage bill.

Candidates running to replace outgoing Governor David Paterson are divided on the issue. Democrat Andrew Cuomo recently said he wants to be the governor that signs a gay marriage bill into law. GOP rival Carl Paladino, who opposes marriage equality, has called Cuomo a hypocrite for not lobbying for the bill last year.