Rocker Adam Lambert has joined the effort to end anti-gay bullying.

The American Idol season 8 runner-up released his video for the It Gets Better campaign on Monday.

In the 90-second, black-and-white clip, the singer, who came out gay last year on the cover of Rolling Stone, tells gay teens to stay strong and proud.

“What you're doing by being who you are is you're keeping it real and you're really brave. I believe in you. I think it's great.”

“It seems hard,” Lambert says. “I think being different is always going to be a tough climb.”

Lambert's message also addresses the homophobia that even he has to face.

“Even I get bullied. You look under any comment section on any article, and there's bullies in there telling me that I'm a f****t, that I'm ugly, that I'm gross – 'Ew, gross, nasty, he's a girly' – all this crap. I'm singled out and it's all 'gay, gay, gay, gay, gay,' even though there is so much more to me than just who I choose to sleep with.”

“It gets better,” Lambert adds, “but it's up to you.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Lambert attracted headlines last week when protesters in Malaysia decried his performance as promoting “gay culture.”