Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest gay rights advocate, delivered on Tuesday a petition letter carrying 150,000 signatures denouncing LDS leader Boyd K. Packer's anti-gay message.

Speaking at the church's 180th General Conference in downtown Salt Lake City, Packer, the president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' (the Mormons) Quorum of Twelve Apostles, railed against gay marriage – “To legalize that which is basically wrong or evil will not prevent the pain and penalties that will follow as surely as night follows day.” – and rejected the notion that same-sex attraction – which he called “impure and unnatural” – is inborn. “Why would our Heavenly Father do that to anyone?” he rhetorically asked.

Solmonese called Packer's statements “inaccurate” and “dangerous.”

“We're here today to tell Elder Packer and those in the Mormon Church hierarchy who agree with him that his statements are both factually and scientifically wrong and that more importantly, they are dangerous and are putting millions of lives in great danger,” Solmonese said at a press conference outside Mormon Church headquarters.

Solmonese appeared at the conference flanked by Utah-based gay rights leaders, including philanthropist Bruce Bastian, Affirmation President David Melson, Equality Utah Executive Director Brandie Balken and Utah Pride Center Executive Director Valerie Larabee.

Packer's speech, given on Oct. 3, sparked a 4,500-strong protest by local gay rights activists, who called the apostle's words painful.