A man is tempted by his best friend's son during a summer vacation on the Italian Riviera in Director Marco Filiberti's David's Birthday (Il Compleanno).

Happily married Matteo (played by Massimo Poggio) and his wife Francesca (Maria de Medeiros) have escaped to a magnificent seaside villa to spend the summer with old friends Shary (Michela Cescon) and Diego (Alessandro Gassman), a couple on the border of breaking up due to Diego's lifelong fear of commitment and fondness for extramarital dalliances.

Matteo, on the other hand, is the responsible, doting husband and caring father.

But when amazingly handsome David, Shary and Diego's son, arrives, even altruistic Matteo, a dapper psychiatrist with sparkling blue eyes and a scruffy beard, cannot resist his charms. (David is played by real life Armani model Thyago Alves.)

Director Filiberti studiedly moves into place an increasingly complicated dynamic between the lives of the two couples, while simultaneously building the tension between Matteo and David.

But any deck of cards built that high will eventually fall. And when the men finally give in to their unspoken desire, the fall is both breathtakingly tragic and beautiful.

The film's dramatic final sequence, which combines a magnificent operatic score with stunning photography, and stellar performances all the way around, destine David's Birthday to become a gay classic.

David's Birthday is not rated and arrives on DVD in Italian with English subtitles on November 9.