The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) will hold a rally in support of Jennifer Keeton, the student fighting for her right to hold anti-gay views, The Augusta Chronicle reported.

Keeton, a graduate student in the Counselor Education Program at the Augusta State University in Georgia, is challenging school officials who have declared her anti-gay beliefs incompatible with the counseling profession.

U.S. District Judge J. Randall Hall ruled in August in favor of the university. Hall said it was reasonable for a public university to enforce academic standards. Keeton, who is represented by the Christian-based Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), has appealed the ruling.

Leaders from the KKK say they'll protest the school's treatment of Keeton, 24, on October 23rd outside the university's main entrance.

“It's your constitutional right, so how could you tell someone you have to do something completely different?” Bobby Spurlock, the KKK's imperial wizard knighthawk and grand dragon of South Carolina and North Carolina, told the paper. “We're not out to harm her. We're trying to protest the constitutional rights that they are trying to take away from her.”

ADF attorneys have blasted the group's plans.

“Jennifer and the ADF are disgusted by the KKK and all it stands for,” David French, a senior lawyer with the ADF, said. “To say more than that or to discuss their activities at length risks bringing more attention to a failed organization that is seeking to exploit news stories for its own purposes. As the KKK admits in news reports, Jennifer has had no contact with them and neither have we. Neither, Jennifer nor ADF wish to give the KKK the attention it craves.”