Two gay teens bullied to death were remembered this weekend.

Seth Walsh was remembered at a memorial service Friday night in Tehachapi, California, while Asher Brown was laid to rest in Houston on Saturday.

13-year-old Walsh hanged himself after he was harassed by classmates for being gay.

Brown shot himself in his dad's closet on Sept. 23 after bullying over his sexuality became unbearable for the 13-year-old.

“These kids are the true heroes of this whole thing,” David Truong, Brown's uncle said at the service, referring to Brown's six friends who spoke at the event. “They are speaking out, and we need to support them.”

Houston City Councilwoman Jolanda Jones told mourners that she and Mayor Annise Parker, who is openly lesbian, were backing a zero tolerance anti-bullying law to be named “Asher's Rule,” the Dallas Voice reported.

Truong told the paper that his nephew was a victim of hate; his death was not simply a “gay issue.”

“This is a hate issue, and we are not going to rest until all children are safe from hate at school,” he said.

More than 500 people attended the Friday night memorial service for Seth Walsh in California.

Walsh died Tuesday, nine days after his attempt to take his own life by hanging left him in a coma.

“He was the best brother ever,” Shawn Walsh, 11, told mourners, the Tehachapi News reported. “Sometimes Seth was a pain in the butt, but he would protect me. I wish I could have done the same for him. I'm not a fighting person. Neither was Seth. I just wish people could have been nicer to him.”

Brown and Walsh were among the rash of teens who have committed suicide after being bullied because they were gay.