A new clip from Howl released on the Internet Friday shows James Franco as famed beat poet Allen Ginsberg talking about meeting his lover, Peter Orlovsky, played by Aaron Tveit. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

The movie, which opened last weekend in New York and San Francisco, expands on Friday into new markets, including Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago.

“It was when I met Peter that everything changed for me,” Franco as Ginsberg says, as the film shows the men playfully kissing in bed. “It was as if the heavens showered with gold. Finally, somebody loved me like I loved them. For the first time I felt accepted in my life. Completely.”

Howl takes a look at Ginsberg's most famous poem, Howl, published in 1955 by City Lights, a San Francisco-based bookstore. The poem became the subject of a landmark obscenity trial that tested the boundaries of the First Amendment.

The film also features Mad Man star Jon Hamm as defense attorney Jake Ehrlich, and Mary-Louise Parker pops in for a quick cameo.