A backer for anti-gay Oklahoma state Representative Sally Kern is referring to her transgender rival Brittany Novotny as a male, The Oklahoman reported.

Novotny is challenging Kern, the woman best known for saying gay folks were the “biggest threat our nation has” at a 2008 gathering of Republicans, for the seat she's held since 2005.

Charlie Meadows, chairman of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee (OCPAC), who previously called Novotny “a confused 'it,'” is now referring to her as a man.

In an email to OCPAC members, Meadows discusses an invitation he extended to Novotny to attend one of his group's meetings.

“Hopefully Brittany will decide to attend,” he wrote. “If he wants to talk about issues, he will do that.”

Meadows explained that he still considers Novotny a man because she still has male DNA.

“That's a more accurate description,” Meadows said.

Saying she would prefer to debate Kern in a town hall meeting, Novotny declined the OCPAC invitation. She added that Meadows is “free to call me what he wants. I'm comfortable with who I am.”

While Kern faced stiff criticism from gay rights groups for her comments, the media attention turned the politician into an overnight right-wing celebrity. And the 63-year-old Baptist minister's wife has continued to speak out against gay rights.