Conservative celebrity Ann Coulter is no longer implying that she was just joking about gay marriage during a gay GOP fundraiser.

In a Monday appearance on CNN's Larry King Live, the 48-year-old Coulter said she opposes marriage equality.

“[Gay men and lesbians] do have civil rights. Oh, yes they can [marry]. No one can marry someone of the same sex. Neither can you. Neither can I. Don't say this is equal rights. That's absolutely not the purpose of marriage.”

After being labeled a “deserter” by social conservatives for her decision to speak Saturday at Homocon 2010, the first annual convention of gay conservatives sponsored by gay GOP group GOProud, Coulter told the group that marriage is not a civil right.

Marriage “is not a civil right – you're not black,” she said.

After explaining that gay people are among the wealthiest demographic groups in the country, she added: “Blacks must be looking at the gays saying, 'Why can't we be oppressed like that?'”

Coulter suggested she was only joking, telling POLITICO.Com: “The people who get gay jokes are gays.”

“Let me tell you how black people think about this,” she interrupted Marc Lamont Hill, an African-American professor at Columbia University, during her Larry King Live appearance.

“The issue is: Blacks were brought here in slave ships. They were enslaved. The laws of states discriminated against them for a hundred years. Civil rights is a black issue. Now everybody in America wants to be black – the feminists, the gays, the illegal immigrants. What civil rights are they being denied?”

Leaders of GOProud were livid at the suggestion that Coulter had made them look foolish.

“Dear Gay Left,” Chris Barron, chairman of the group tweeted to his 560 followers, “save your 'outrage' over Homocon. We could give a shit what you think.”