Aaron Tveit, who plays Peter Orlovsky, the gay lover of Allen Ginsberg, in Howl, says kissing his co-star James Franco wasn't that much fun.

Tveit told celebrity website Zap2It.com that kissing Franco wasn't as much fun as kissing actresses Blake Lively on the CW's Gossip Girl or America Ferrera on ABC's Ugly Betty.

“Well, [kissing Franco was] no where near as much fun as kissing Blake Lively and America Ferrera, so sorry James,” he said.

Howl, which opens in New York and San Francisco on Friday and nationwide in October, stars Franco as beat generation poet Ginsberg fighting obscenity charges for his 1955 poem Howl.

Tveit added that Ginsberg's life began to turn around after he met the love of his life, Orlovsky.

“[Ginsberg and Orlovsky's] relationship in the movie comes off very sweetly and it's kind of the turning point in Allen's life as a writer, too,” he said. “These guys just truly fall in love and then everything just kind of turns around in Allen's life.”