Actor-comedian-author Stephen Frey says he's only 90 percent gay in new autobiography.

The 53-year-old much-loved British celebrity talks about women who have rocked his world in his new book The Fry Chronicles released last week.

“I am only '90 per cent gay,' which is of course pretty damned gay, but every now and again on my path through life I have met a woman in the 10 per cent bracket. Caroline at Cambridge was one, although I never told her so, and Sunetra was another,” Fry writes, referring to make-up artist Sunetra Sastry and novelist Caroline Oulton.

Fry met Sastry on the set of the second installment of Blackaddler, and says he considered asking her out but kept mum upon seeing that his co-star Rowan Atkinson was smitten by her. Fry served as best man when the couple wed in 1990.

With his nearly 1.8 million Twitter followers, Fry ranks behind only chat show host Ellen DeGeneres and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton in terms of popularity for openly gay personalities on the networking platform.

He was named second most influential gay person in Britain by the UK paper the Independent on Sunday in May 2007.