Project Runway's demanding but lovable celebrity judge Tim Gunn reveals that his parents have never accepted that he's gay, he's not very sexual, and that he attempted to end his life at 17.

In a new interview with People magazine to discuss his just-published memoir Gunn's Golden Rules, Gunn says his parents have never approved of his sexuality.

“In my parents' home, the term 'gay' wasn't even in our vocabulary,” Gunn said. “If I tried to talk about anything remotely related they'd say 'We've never heard of this!'”

“But I think they knew that 'this' was what I was, and that's part of why the sent me to shrinks constantly.”

“When I was seventeen, I'd made a serious suicide attempt. I was at yet another boarding school – I must have cycled through a dozen. I had no friends. I was depressed. I wanted to end it all.”

Gunn says he failed in his attempt to overdose on pills.

The fashion maven also reveals that he's not very sexual.

“When people hear I haven't had a boyfriend since 1982, they often whisper, 'Does he not have sex?' That's right! Could I get Psychiatric help? Probably. It's a little late.”

The 57-year-old television personality added that he loves his fans.