Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has endorsed the candidacy of Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell.

O'Donnell tweeted on Thursday, “Just got Gov. Palin's endorsement! Thank you for your prayers!”

The 41-year-old marketing consultant received the endorsement as allegations of gay baiting began to surface on the Internet.

In a video posted at, a female newscaster praises O'Donnell, then suggests her September 14 GOP primary opponent, Rep. Mike Castle, is gay.

“Isn't Mike Castle cheating on his wife with a man?” an unseen voice asks.

“That's the rumor,” the gleeful newscaster responds.

While O'Donnell has denied any involvement in the gay baiting, she has repeated the claim several times while distancing herself from the controversy. reported that at least two O'Donnell backers are involved with, including tea party organizer Eric Odom, the group's founder.

The newly-formed conservative group says it hopes to match or eclipse the influence of progressive group

“We're looking to compete directly with,” Yakes Walker, a spokesman for the group, told “We're looking to be a player for a long time. No one else on the right is doing what we're doing.”

Last month, Palin spoke to an anti-gay group in Pennsylvania, and she has previously endorsed anti-gay Karen Handel in her bid to become Georgia's next governor. Handel, who recently said she would “absolutely” consider a bill that prohibits gay and lesbian couples from adopting children, lost her bid for the GOP nomination.

O'Donnell is best known for her old-fashioned views about sex. For example, she has said that masturbating is wrong, and that looking at pornography is equivalent to cheating on your spouse.