The National Enquirer is reporting that John Travolta is involved in Los Angeles' “secret gay spa subculture.”

“Just weeks before wife Kelly gives birth … John Travolta caught in cheating scandal!” screams the Enquirer headline.

The tabloid is quoting Robert Randolph, author of the upcoming memoir You'll Never Spa in This Town Again.

“John Travolta has been cheating on Kelly [Preston] for years!” Randolph says. “And when the details emerge, he's gonna make Tiger Woods look like a boy scout.”

Randolph says he decided to write the book after he was violently thrown out of the exclusive scene.

“I'm writing about the stars that have shared deep secrets with me,” he says. “I am no longer in the circle, but I am confident that after you read my story, you'll understand my reasoning and motivation behind the book.”

A press release for the book teases about other stars involved in the scene.

“Find out what John Travolta, John Amos, John Cusack, Jeremy Piven, Pauly Shore, George Michael, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Billy Zane, Andy Dick, Paul Giammatti and more have in common – and it's not awards.”