Celebrity chef and chat show host Rachael Ray recently said she would go gay for actress-comedian Tina Fey, star of NBC's 30 Rock.

Appearing on CBS' The Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Ray and Ferguson made a quick detour from discussing Rachael Ray's Week in a Day, a new series for cabler Cooking Channel that features Ray demonstrating how to plan a week's worth of meals in one day of cooking.

Ray's comment that she “brilliantly” thought up Rachael Ray's Week in a Day because it rhymes with her name prompted Ferguson to ask: “What about Rachael Ray, She's Sometimes Gay? 'Cause I'd watch that show, I tell you that.”

“I actually have a short list of women that I'm a little gay for,” Ray revealed.

“Tina Fey tops the list,” she told an encouraging Ferguson. “But she knows it, I told her.”

At Ferguson's prodding, Ray added that she was also a bit gay for a girl in a previous audience.

“The girl in the brown dress, remember, with the nice like dragon embroidery,” she said. “You kept chit-chatting her up and I agree with you.”