Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin spoke Friday to an anti-gay group in Pennsylvania, NBC affiliate WGAL reported.

Palin, a Republican, spoke to a crowd of 1,100 at the Pennsylvania Family Institute's Friends of the Family banquet in Hershey.

“You're not afraid to cling to your guns and your religion and your constitution,” Palin told a cheering crowd.

The group's president, Michael Geer, recently appeared at an anti-gay marriage rally held in Harrisburg and sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the nation's most vociferous opponent of gay marriage.

With the Capitol building in the background, Geer asked the crowd: “Why does a building like this exist? Why do we have a Legislature when the courts are just going to tell us the way things ought to be?”

The social conservative group is currently working to put a gay marriage ban in the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Palin also endorsed anti-gay Karen Handel in her bid to become Georgia's next governor. Handel, who recently said she would “absolutely” consider a bill that prohibits gay and lesbian couples from adopting children, lost her bid for the GOP nomination.