The buzz on the Internet is that Chord Overstreet will play Chris Colfer's boyfriend on Fox's musical comedy hit Glee.

We say buzz because it's not official, but Jane Lynch, who plays sharp tongued coach Sue Sylvester and recently married her wife in Massachusetts, dropped strong hints Monday that Overstreet and Colfer, who plays gay student Kurt Hummel, are headed for a liplock when the show returns for its second season in the fall. (Glee showmaster Ryan Murphy has previously criticized ABC's comedy hit Modern Family for censoring affection between its gay characters.)

Kurt's boyfriend has already been cast, Lynch told celebrity network E!, and he's a “good-looking kid” who's “tall, boyish with straight blond hair and big fat, pouty lips.”

“Of course that describes new cast member Chord Overstreet to a tee!” Greg Hernandez of exclaimed at his celebrity blog.

The iCarly alum has been cast to play the role of jock Sam Evans in season two.

Twenty-year-old Colfer, who is openly gay, has been nominated for an Emmy for his portrayal of Kurt.