Despite a looming lawsuit, Catholic Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez continues to criticize Mexico City's recently-upheld gay marriage law, Mexico's reported.

Sandoval, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Guadalajara, was hit last week with a lawsuit from Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard after he accused Ebrard's government of bribing Mexico's Supreme Court to rule in favor of a gay marriage law approved by city lawmakers in December.

Mexico's federal government, which is ruled by the conservative PAN Party, challenged the law on the grounds that it was detrimental to children. But the 11-member panel upheld the law – including its adoption provision – and ruled that all of Mexico's 31 states must recognize the gay marriages performed in the capital.

Writing in an op-ed for El Semanario, Sandoval continued his attack, saying the Supreme Court had committed a “grave error” in its ruling.

He said the court had betrayed Mexico, the family and natural law in upholding the law's constitutionality. And added that the court's ruling that allows married gay and lesbian couples to adopt children is certain to harm “many innocent Mexicans.”

Mayor Ebrard filed his challenge against Sandoval after the cardinal refused to back off from his claim that Ebrard had bought the court's ruling. Sandoval has said he can prove his claim.

The Archdiocese of Mexico City, which is also listed as a defendant in the case, has called for the ouster of Ebrard's government, which it says is responsible for creating laws more damaging to the country than drug trafficking.