90210 executive producer Rebecca Sinclair says Trevor Donovan's character Teddy Montgomery is rattled “to his core” by his sexuality.

Next season's coming out gay storyline was supposed to remain a secret until the nighttime teenage drama returned to the CW in the fall. But now that the cat's out of the bag, Sinclair spoke with Entertainment Weekly about how the story will proceed.

Sinclair said Donovan's all-American jock character Teddy doesn't learn about his sexuality through experimentation or an epiphany. Instead, he's been repressing his feelings all along.

“With Teddy, we're attempting to tell a much more dramatic story about something that rattles him to his core,” she said. “Though, thankfully, we live in an age where lots of teens are comfortable with their sexual orientation and are able to come out when they're in high school or even before, we didn't want to ignore the reality that for lots of kids the road to self-acceptance for a gay teenager isn't easy. This is going to be a dramatic, at times painful, but hopefully ultimately cathartic journey for him.”

Teddy will be paired up with Ian, who is described by Sinclair as a “self-confident funny guy who is very much out and comfortable with his gayness.” Canadian pop star Kyle Riabko will play the role.

Donovan has said it's “cool” that he got picked to play gay on the show.

90210 returns to the CW on September 13.