Appearing on Fox News' the O'Reilly Factor Wednesday, conservative commentator Glenn Beck mocked host Bill O'Reilly's fear of gay marriage.

On the program, O'Reilly asked Beck, host of Fox News' Glenn Beck, why he doesn't cover social issues more frequently.

“Why don't you do the culture warrior stuff?” O'Reilly asked.

Beck answered that he felt conservatives have “bigger fish to fry” and added that the government has nothing to do with marriage. “That is a religious right,” he argued.

O'Reilly, whose program often hits hard at social issues, including gay rights, asked Beck if he believed gay marriage was a threat to the country.

“A threat to the country? No, I don't,” Beck said, laughing out loud, then added in a mocking tone, “Will the gays come and get us?”

“I believe that Thomas Jefferson said, 'If it neither breaks my leg, nor picks my pocket, what difference is it to me?'” he added.

“Okay, so you don't, that's interesting,” O'Reilly replied.

“So long as we don't go down the road of Canada, where it is now a problem for churches to have free speech,” Beck said.