Voters will get to decide whether the domestic partners of gay city employees in El Paso, Texas can keep their health insurance benefits, local Fox affiliate KFOX14 reported.

Last August, city council leaders tucked a measure that extended such benefits inside the 2010 budget, which they approved in a 7 to 1 vote. The law covers the domestic partners of both straight and gay workers, but gay and lesbian couples who cannot marry in the state are disproportionately affected.

City leaders approved the measure over the strong objections of dozens of citizens who spoke against the measure during the public comments portion of city council meetings.

Word of Life Church Pastor Tom Brown, who delivers a traveling ministry program called Homosexuality: Its Cause and Cure, was among those who fought against the measure.

“City Council wants to waste taxpayers' dollars – really basically pickpocketing the taxpayers to endorse a homosexual lifestyle choice,” Brown said Monday. “I think it is just the wrong time, and in our view it's just wrong no matter what the time is.”

The city estimated last year that only a few dozen gay employees would be affected by the policy.

Opponents gathered sufficient signatures to put the question on the November 2 ballot. Voters will be asked to decide on the following question: “Shall the Ordinance, endorsing traditional family values by making health benefits available only to city employees and their legal spouse and dependent children, be approved?”