Trevor Donovan says he would be “honored and flattered” to play gay in CW's nighttime teenage drama 90210.

Donovan is among the three men being considered for a coming out story line to be pursued when the kids from West Beverly Hills High return for their third season this fall. Also in the running are Michael Steger and Matt Lanter.

Speaking to Greg Hernandez from, Donovan, who plays all-American boy-next-door jock Teddy, said he would be glad to play gay.

“It's exciting because the way they're explaining it, it's going to be written in a way where it's really going to focus on the struggle of coming to fruition of who he is – whoever he is,” Donovan said.

“To tell you the truth, I would be honored and flattered and excited if it was me,” he added. “Because not only would it be a great opportunity to sort of display and showcase your acting chops, but it's also a great opportunity to [portray the] struggle of coming to that fruition, the realization.”

The other two men being considered also reacted positive to the news.

“I think it's a good thing,” Lanter said. “I think it's an issue that is becoming more and more real in schools today, people are coming out more and more I think it's something that teens deal with and it can be done in a real way.”

Last year, Jessica Lowndes' character of Adrianna had a brief romantic affair with Gia (played by Rumer Willis) as the girls worked alongside each other at the school's student-run newspaper, the Blaze News.

Co-Executive Producer Jennie Urman said this new gay story line will be “real and relatable,” unlike Adrianna's angst-fueled trial run.

“I think it's going to be interesting because last year they dealt with Adrianna experimenting,” Steger said. “This year it's going to be on a much more serious level.”

Source: Greg In Hollywood.