CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler says she's “disappointed” in her network's track record of representing the LGBT community and promised Wednesday to do better, Movieline reported.

Tassler might have been referring to CBS' “failing” grade in the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation's (GLAAD) Network Responsibility Index (NRI), an annual report on gay-inclusive television, now in its fourth year.

This year, MTV became the first network in the history of the NRI to earn an “excellent” rating. Fox's musical comedy hit Glee and the CW's nighttime teen drama 90210 helped those networks earn top marks.

CBS scored the lowest among all five networks.

“We're adding a few characters this season because we're very disappointed in our track record so far,” Tassler said during a Television Critics Association panel in Beverly Hills.

According to Tassler, four shows – The Good Wife, Rules of Engagement, S*** My Dad Says, and Accidentally on Purpose – will add or bring back gay characters. Alicia's brother on The Good Wife is gay and a surrogate for Jeff and Audrey on Rules of Engagement will be a lesbian.

In daytime television, CBS has green lit a talk show to be co-hosted by openly lesbian actress Sara Gilbert.