In a campaign against a gay protections measure, the anti-gay group FRC is claiming gay people can spontaneously turn straight.

The socially conservative Family Research Council (FRC), which is headed by Tony Perkins, makes the claim in a July 23 full page ad published in the Holland Sentinel, Michigan-based gay weekly Pride Source first reported.

In the ad, the FRC urges Holland, Michigan city leaders to reject a proposed ordinance that would make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Lawmakers asked at a July 7 meeting for the Human Relations Commission to review the issue.

“Pro-homosexual activists want … Holland to give homosexuals special protections under employment discrimination laws. But does this make sense?” the ad asks, then goes on to list what it claims are myths about being gay.

In the “myth vs. fact” section, the ad claims that gay men and lesbians experience considerably higher levels of mental illness and substance abuse than their straight counterparts and that gay people are not seriously disadvantaged by discrimination.

Under the tagline “Myth: Sexual orientation can never change,” the ad states that thousands of gay people have altered their sexuality. “Research confirms that such change does occur – sometimes spontaneously, and sometime as a result of therapeutic interventions.”

Jennifer Adams of the group Holland is Ready, a group that supports the ordinance, called the ad “sad.”

“I was sad to see this ad in our local paper, but it's typical of groups like the FRC, who are becoming more and more desperate in their communication,” Adams said.

The group is expected to meet Wednesday to discuss the matter.

The late Edgar Prince of Holland gave heavily to the FRC from its start and the group keeps an office in the city. Prince's former wife Elsa continues to fund anti-gay causes, including the FRC and a campaign in California that banned gay marriage. Holland-based frozen-food maker Request Foods is also listed in the ad.