Linus Roache is headed to the UK to play a homophobe in the long-running daytime drama Coronation Street.

According to The People, Linus and James Roache will play son and grandson to Ken Barlow, who is played by their real father, veteran actor Bill Roache.

In the story to be broadcast in September, Ken Barlow discovers he has a long-lost son, Lawrence (played by Linus Roache), and a grandson, James (played by James Roache).

Lawrence, however, hates his son because he's gay.

“Lawrence is a complete bigot and the language he uses will leave some viewers furious,” the paper quoted an unnamed insider.

“The scenes will pull no punches in expressing some people's hatred toward gay people and what they stand for.”

Linus Roache appeared on Coronation Street in 1975 as the character of Peter Barlow, currently being portrayed by Chris Gascoyne. The forty-six-year-old, British-born actor played the part of a Roman Catholic Priest struggling with being gay in the 1994 British film Priest. But Roache is best known for his two-year stint on the NBC crime drama Law & Order, which ended its ten year run this year.