Gay activists in Paraguay say they'll legalize gay marriage next.

The gay rights group SOMOSGAY (we are gay) tweeted celebratory messages Thursday to Argentina for becoming the first nation in Latin America to legalize gay marriage, and then went on to say they'll lobby for passage of a gay marriage bill in October.

Moved by its neighbor's decision, Paraguayan lawmakers Thursday appeared on television to discuss gay marriage. Senator Alfredo Jaeggli said he favored the institution in an appearance on Asuncion-based television Paravision.

The Roman Catholic Church, to which 89% of the population claims allegiance, has already announced they'll campaign against the law.

“We are going to put out an intense educational campaign on Christian values, to avoid the law of marriage between people of the same sex that was approved in Argentina from coming to Paraguay,” Bishop Adalberto Martinez of San Pedro told La Nacion.

Carlos Soler, a member of the nation's lower house of Congress, la Camara de Diputados, told the paper that he believes gay marriage “goes against human nature.” He said Argentina's approval of gay marriage opened an interesting debate in Paraguay.

“This opens an interesting debate, but I think that goes against human nature,” Soler said. “It is not homophobia or anything.”

Chile is preparing to debate a bill that recognizes gay and lesbian couples with civil unions.