Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt says he is not concerned about people thinking he's gay because of the gay roles he's played.

In an interview released Wednesday with gay glossy The Advocate, Gordon-Levitt says worrying about the public's perception of an actor is a “loser's game.”

“There's nothing positive that can come from paying attention to that kind of thing – not just wondering whether or not someone thinks you're gay but also worrying what people will think of who you're dating or what you drive,” he told Brandon Voss.

“I just do my best to ignore all that shit,” he added.

“As for my personal life, I care very dearly about the people in my life, but people who I don't know don't know me.”

One of Gordon-Levitt's first gay roles was in an episode of the Fox comedy series That '70s Show, in which he played Eric Forman's gay schoolmate. He said reaction to his on-screen gay kiss in the episode was “great.”

“Oh, I was totally proud of that, and I still am,” he said, then added that it was a great role because “the emphasis wasn't on it being gay but on making sure the scene worked and was funny.”

“It was great that it showed people it was just a normal thing,” he added.

In the 2004 Gregg Araki film Mysterious Skin, Gordon-Levitt played the lead character of Neil McCormick, a gay prostitute who was a victim of child abuse.

Gordon-Levitt co-stars with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page in Inception, which opens in theaters Friday.