Ragan Fox – the gay housemate from season 12 of the CBS reality series Big Brother – told People.com that he “opts to go crazy.”

The 34-year-old West Hollywood college professor says: “I party as hard as I work, and I grew up gay in Texas. If you want to get crazy with me – and I opt to go crazy – then you're in trouble.”

And to get a taste of how crazy the Big Brother ride with Fox on board is going to get, just listen to him answering several viewer-submitted questions.

Such as, “What kind of candy would you be?” from brittanyj7.

A hard sour ball, he answers, then explains that people sweeten to his sourness, much like the candy.

“The longer you suck on it, the sweeter it becomes, yet it still has a hard exterior,” he says. “And then when you get to the end, you just bite into it. And it gives you a sugar high. That's the type of effect I have on people, brittanyj7.”

In his official Big Brother bio, Fox says he's against living in the house with “Homophobes, 18-23 year-olds (the ages of students I teach), ultra conservatives.”

Big Brother 12 will debut Thursday, July 8 on CBS at 8ET.