Louis C.K.'s latest sitcom attempt premiering Tuesday on cabler FX includes a gay character.

Louie, a look at C.K.'s real life as a comic and a divorced father of two daughters, is impressing critics. The show marries the comic's stand-up act with related events in his life.

Included in the cast is openly gay comedian Rick Crom, who plays himself.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, C.K. (real name: Louis Szekely) said a scene where Crom is grilled on gay sex by a group of men playing poker is his favorite.

“You guys ask me [about this] every time I'm here,” Rick says. “I talk about gay sex more with you guys than I do with any of my gay friends. You're obsessed.”

The cross-examination quickly devolves into a discussion on the word faggot.

“People will be watching and thinking it's dirty comics making sharp gay jokes, but then they'll go, oh, there's a gay guy there so he must be in on it, and then they think it's a lecture, and then they realize, oh, they're still kidding and they'll start to think about what we're saying,” C.K. told the paper. “It's compelling.”

The scene was based on a real conversation C.K. had 20 years ago with Crom.

“Once in my 20's, I asked him about the word faggot and if he was offended when people used it. He didn't lecture me or tell me to stop saying it. Instead, he said we're all grown-ups and if it's a funny joke, go ahead and say it, but hey, if you're interested, the story behind the word is totally devastating.”

Louie premieres Tuesday on FX at 11PM ET.