Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson says an upcoming gay kiss on the show will be “very beautiful and poignant.”

Ferguson made his remarks in a just published interview with celebrity website

Producers of the ABC comedy have been criticized for not showing gay couple Cameron (played by Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell sharing an onscreen kiss.

The Facebook group Let Cam & Mitchell Kiss on Modern Family! has attracted over 13,000 fans since going online after the show's May 5 episode titled Airport 2010. Fans say producers stumbled when they passed on an ideal opportunity to show the couple sharing affection. In the episode, Cameron and Mitchell are relegated to a hug after they argue while heterosexual couple Phil (Ty Burrell) and Claire (Julie Bowen) kiss and make up.

The group says: “Cam & Mitchell, the adorable gay couple on ABC's Modern Family, have not been shown sharing even a brief kiss throughout the series' first hit season. ABC isn't afraid of gay characters, so why won't they let them show some love?”

Producers have promised a gay kiss when the sitcom returns next season.

“I think the writers are proceeding in a very wise way,” Ferguson said. “There's a great PDA episode they're writing about Mitchell's issues with public displays of affection. Viewers shouldn't be expecting a big 'Gone with the Wind' romantic kiss. It's very beautiful and poignant.”

“The writers are so good, they're really taking that criticism and they're going to run with it and try and create a talking point with it,” he added.