A cast of six lesbians is returning to Showtime, but this time around it's going to be real.

The Real L Word premieres Sunday on the same cable network that broke ground six years ago with The L World.

This new look at lesbians living in Los Angeles, however, won't be a fictionalized account of Jennifer Beals playing the role of a lesbian, instead L Word creator Ilene Chaiken is reviving the show as a reality series.

In announcing the show last September as L Word was about to end its six-year run, Chaiken said that she was not finished telling stories.

Showtime has yet again come forward to continue with us this mission to entertain and enlighten and bring more L to the world,” she told Variety.

In the highly-anticipated spin-off we get to know six women: Nikki and Jill are in love and are planning their big wedding day, Mikey is a high-power fashion executive, Tracy is just learning the ropes of being out, Whitney is the requisite girl that gets around and Rose is unable to commit to anything that lasts longer than lunch.

The show pours on the sexy lip gloss, dramatic tantrums and idle gossip that have become the pillars of a finely-tuned reality show.

But if after sampling the drama, you decide you prefer your L Word fictionalized, there is hope. Last July, Chaiken hinted that she was in the process of penning an L Word movie.