More than three-quarters of Republican voters say they support repeal of gay marriage in Iowa.

According to the latest Des Moines Register Iowa Poll released Saturday, 77% of Iowans planning to vote in Tuesday's Republican primary say Iowans should be allowed to vote on the definition of marriage.

But only fifty percent of respondents say the seven Supreme Court justices who voted unanimously in 2009 in favor of gay marriage should be ousted from office.

The poll comes on the heels of a second survey that found a majority of Iowans support the decision.

The first poll, which was released late Thursday by local CBS affiliate KCCI in Des Moines, found that 53 percent of respondent say they favor marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples, while 41% are opposed.

Social conservatives have mounted a highly divisive effort to overturn the ruling by defining marriage as a heterosexual union in the Iowa Constitution.

That effort has been blocked by Democrats in the Legislature, which must approve the constitutional amendment before sending it to voters.

The polls might be a harbinger of things to come on primary night. While they show that GOP voters remain opposed to marriage equality, they don't believe it's the most important issue facing Iowans. And radical notions such as retaliating against judges appear to be losing steam.

The state's most vocal critic of gay marriage sees the Republican primary as a referendum on the issue. The Iowa Family Policy Center's pick for governor is businessman Bob Vander Plaats, who has pledged, if elected, to halt gay weddings in the state with an executive order until the issue is decided by voters. Vander Plaats' closest rival, moderate Republican Terry Branstad, has said he disagrees with the ruling, but also supports limited gay rights. The conservative group has said it could not support Branstad should he win the nomination.

Branstad holds a 15-point lead over Vander Plaats.